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About Patient Friendly IVF

The in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure is challenging for both male and female partners. In some cases, it may even require multiple or repeated IVF attempts to initiate pregnancy. While the IVF offers incredible success rates, it may, however, cause a rupture in the pocket. Moreover, the medications involved in IVF may even take a toll on your physical health.

Keeping the implications of IVF in mind, our patient-friendly IVF approach ensures to offer secure IVF which is both physically and economically friendly. This patient-friendly IVF approach requires highly experienced doctors, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. At WINGS IVF, we have a brilliant team of doctors and nurses with years of experience in IVF. Their experiences in combination with excellent facilities and the latest technological advancement provide IVF services that are easy on your health and pocket. 

At WINGS IVF we are providing a solution using advanced techniques to reduce attempts of IVF cycles. Lesser IVF attempts are an indirect solution to reduce the financial burden and improve physical health. Our advanced AHU labs and the close time-lapse incubators increase qualitative embryo per egg which improves embryo formation even in extremely difficult situations like low AMH, advanced maternal age, and recurrent IVF failure

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